Dou? | Mixtape Kaleidoscope

  • Who's old enough to remember the humble mixtape? Just us? We hope not! We know your little ones won't have a clue, so let's teach them a little about music history! 

    The Dou? Mix Tape is an adorable double-lens kaleidoscope in a nostalgic design that’ll be hard for children (and adults alike) to say no to. 

    Each tape reel is a lens that can be spun round by the dials on the side, while unspooled tape acts as a ribbon to hang the tape around the neck. Both lenses are different, so the world can be transformed into various magical visual playgrounds.

    Let your little ones be immersed in a different visual world!


22 Gannel Rock Close 

Newquay, Cornwall 

TR7 2FL 

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